Hi, my name is Kare.  When I was 27 I was in a motorcycle accident and lost my left leg through the knee.  Being an amputee has been an interesting and as my Mom would say, character building experience.  Not being one to sit back and watch life go by, I expanded my interests and ways to play with my children by learning how to ski and shortly after was asked to join the BC Ski Team.  I have to admit I was more the comic relief than a serious competitor, but I loved the travel, hanging out on the hills, meeting new people and the feeling of going faster than was prudent.  I remember at the start of my third year of competition, going skiing with my brother… I told him I was going to head up to the face of the red chair and go play in the moguls.  It was my day for a perfect run.  I still have the image of his face etched in my mind as I flew down the hill bumping and shooshing.  If there had been flies around, he would have caught them lol ~ thanks for the memory Brian!

I was up and walking fairly quickly after losing my leg, but through the years wearing a socket has been the bane of my amputee existence.  The socket is where the pain resides, where limitations are set and limiting beliefs in what I’m capable of doing are created.

Two years ago I heard about a surgery that removes the need to wear a socket.  No more pain.  The stress around gaining or losing as little as five pounds is gone because you’re not stepping into a rigid bucket anymore… ahhhhh freedom.

This site and blog is the journal of my journey to Australia to receive this life changing surgery ~ Osseointegration.

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