Ups and Not So Ups

I hope you’re all doing fantastically and life is treating you as awesomely as it’s treating me!  It’s been an interesting month, full of ups and not so ups and lots of synchronicities.

The newest news is I’ve had to unfortunately postpone my surgery… ya I know, you just get a plan in place then BAM! you need to change it lol.  My lovely daughter has consented to play nursemaid for me and heading to Australia at the end of May just doesn’t work for her.  So it’s one more summer of uncomfortableness.  The great news is the new approximate date is October!  No schedule conflicts and we’ll have some time to play tourists and be back before Christmas (which will make my Mom very happy as we’ll be back for her 96th birthday!).

As far as funding goes, I’ll know for sure whether funding will be in place to get to Australia and pay for the surgery after May 1st, but because of the postponement I now have the time to pull the extra money needed to purchase a new knee/foot which means I’ll finally have a spare!  The first one in 30 years.  I’ve never had a spare leg before.  It’s kinda like only having one pair of shoes.  You ruin them and you’re in bare feet – in my case you’re using the backup system which is a set of crutches… not so great for getting around on when you want to go for a walk.  I’m also looking into starting a non-profit so that we can assist other amputees in receiving this life changing surgery.  So I have a plan and have received $325 so far from generous donations to give me a hand (or foot hahahaha) to make this happen.

Thank you soooo much for your support whether it’s been financial or emotional.  All kind thoughts are truly appreciated!  Please remember to share these posts so the word gets out there about OI.

Have a great day and I hope the rest of your week is magical!!


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