New Possibilities

So much to tell you!  So many new possibilities and so much accomplished already by so many amputees.

So, the possibilities first… I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but we have a surgeon in Vancouver who is looking at travelling to Australia this year to learn Dr. Al Muderis’s osseointegration techniques. Yes you read that right!!  Last I  heard Dr. Tim will be learning the skills in Australia this year and bringing OI back to Canada.  There will still be a plethora of hoops to jump through – government approval, setting up rehab procedures and support needed for the month after surgery, amputees who want to receive the surgery… OH WAIT!  That one’s not going to be a problem lol.  I think Canadian amputees will be lining up knee deep (hahaha sorry it just slipped out) for this ground breaking, life changing, fantastic, amazing, awe-inspiring, astounding surgery.

So after I heard about Dr. Tim, I got thinking about the non-approval I received from BC Medical and how the possibility of approval might be greatly improved by an orthopaedic surgeon who believes in OI… it’s a glorified knee or hip replacement surgery after all lol.

So my awesome prosthetist Tony Van Der Waarde emailed Dr. Tim and asked if it would be possible for me to connect with him so he could fill out the BC Med forms for me and give it another go for approval…  my GP is submitting the referral today or tomorrow, then I connect with Dr. Tim and hopefully WHAM! BAM!  Kare’s got some financial assistance!! I’ll keep you updated on the progress 😉

Still on the possibilities list is my funding progress.  I’m days away from finding out how my game plan for raising the funds is progressing… my patience has been sorely tested waiting for this crucial juncture 🙂

On to accomplishments…

Lori MacInnis, who received OI last year, received notification from PEI Medical that they would be reimbursing her for the surgery.  Frikken AWESOME!!  Way to go Lori, thanks for the hard work you put in to get this done, you ROCK!

I had the privilege of meeting Kathy Wilchek and her boyfriend Frank last month as they were headed home from Australia after Kathy received the surgery a month before.  She was recently on the news spreading the OI word… KATHY AND FRANK ROCK TOO!!  (and such a cute couple lol)

Well that’s it for now… I hope you have an excellent week and I’ll be back with an update soon!


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