My Dream Has Me

I don’t have a dream, my dream has me.

My OI dream definitely has me.  In my head it’s already done.  I’m not in pain anymore, my socket doesn’t scratch up toilet seats (ya lol go ahead and laugh, but I just had $34.70 taken off my rental’s damage deposit because the landlord felt they had to replace the toilet seat), I don’t have to pull down on my pant leg whenever I stand up to unhook my pants from my socket, I can sit on bar stools… and on and on ad nauseam.  I can walk for as long as I want without the limitations a socket imposes on me.  Sigh, heaven.

I’m working towards having no “kinda” in my thoughts and actions. Every day I do something that moves me towards my goal.  It may be something small, or it may be something huge… but I always do something.

I accomplished something huge today.  I made a decision.

sparkleyI added a page to this site that has information on an online auction I’m running to raise the remaining funds I need for osseointegration.  That’s HUGE baby!  I can see my goal in front of my face and it’s pretty and shiney and sparkley with promise.

Can you help you ask?  YES of course you can!!  I would love your help! Check out what’s going on… Abilities Online Auction and please contact me if you have any questions, want to make a donation, or have a suggestion.

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Next up is my appointment with Dr. Kostomo in Vancouver on August 11th.  He’s helping me approach BC Medical again to see if we can help them understand that no, osseointegration is not experimental.  It’s real and the best thing that can happen to a girl who just wants a leg.



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