11 Hours To Go

11 hours to go until I join the Cyborg community.

I’m finding this quite interesting.  I’m not stressed, or nervous, or much of anything really.  I keep waiting for the butterflies to show up but nope, no fluttering.  I’m guessing that when they have me all drugged up and are wheeling me into Theater, that as we go through the door there’s going to be this huge wall of electric blue butterflies that fly out and surround me as the doors open.  That’s my theory anyway lol.  I’ll find out in less than 11 hours.

Things have been fantastic so far, I’ve done all the xrays and ct scans and blood tests and passed with the proverbial flying colours.  Today was the walking test to see how far I could walk in 6 minutes – yup aced that one too.  The walking test gets repeated in 12 months to see how much better my gait is.  Looking forward to it!  I also had my meeting with Dr. Al Muderis and his team this morning to go over all the test results and get any questions I may have answered.  Check marks on all the items of the To Do list 🙂


This last Sunday Andra and I joined up with some of the OI patients currently in Sydney and traveled by train and ferry to Manly Beach for a sit at the beach and a lovely pub lunch.  What a great bunch of people, all with very different stories about how they ended up in Sydney with a titanium rod in their leg.  It was a fantastic opportunity to make some new friends and then pick their brains about their surgery and recovery experiences.


So if everything goes as planned, I’ll be in hospital until October 31st and will be starting weight loading with my leg at day 3.  Fingers crossed please that everything goes as best it can!  I’ll be a bit of a drug pin cushion for the first three days but will do my best to get a post up.  Andra will of course be photo documenting as we go and will be posting to Facebook.

Time to say goodnight and hit the sack… sweet dreams from down under 🙂


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