It’s Fly Day!

It’s fly day and the start of the adventure!  We’re off to Oz tonight.

I’m actually feeling quite calm.  Normally at this point the jitters would have started to kick in and my tummy would be full of those proverbial butterflies.  I’m going to have to attribute my new found Buddahness to my friend Anne Dickinson who is a hynotherapist and kindly ran a couple of sessions for me for pre-surgery prep.  There is tons of info out there that shows using hypnosis as a preparation for surgery can assist in less blood loss, faster healing, calmer mental states… I’m currently enjoying the calmer mental state.  Can you say Om?  lol  Thanks so much Anne!

If you hadn’t heard through Facebook, I got some big, and we’re talking HUGE news last week.  Last Wednesday afternoon I received a call from BC Medical.  Not a normal occurrence.  And she said “I don’t get to make these calls too often…” and my heart just started going BaBOOM and the tear ducts started filling up and she continued “… but I wanted to call and let you know that your out of country medical coverage request has been approved.”  Those were the sweetest ten words I’ve heard in a while.  Costs associated with the surgery (including the implant!) are being covered.  I’ve since learned that my friend Lee who just had her surgery two weeks ago has been approved as well.  Brava BC Medical!  Thank you for taking the time to investigate and speak with the other provinces who have approved coverage and to make the decision to help your citizens be of sounder body.

As Andra and I attempt to fit everything into our suitcases, I’m ruminating on thankfulness and determination.  I am so thankful for the opportunity to receive this surgery and the amazing blessing and timing of learning the surgery costs are covered; the support I’ve received from people like Award Prosthetics, Connie McCracken, Anne Dickinson and everyone who participated in the two Facebook auctions; emotional support from close friends (sorry about it being all about memememe lately, it’s your turn when I get back 🙂 ), the constant nagging from my daughter who is being so wonderful and coming with me on this adventure… “you can do it Mom, just keep picturing it and it will happen”.  I’m also grateful for the determination I managed to hold to keep this vision and outcome clear through BC Medical’s first rejection of my application, the potential financial stress of having fund this project myself and the several moves I’ve had in the last year (yes, three moves is as good as a fire and on the fourth you realize storage units are your friend).

So you’re all up to date for now… next update will be from down under in a couple of days after we’ve gotten settled.

As the Aussies say… toodle-oo!

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