Auction Magic & The Doctor is IN!


I am so grateful.  I’ve had such a positive response from family, friends and the community and received so many donations, I need to run two auctions!  The first auction will run from noon August 30th through 6pm September 6th.  Items will be disbursed to the auction winners by September 10th.  The second auction will run from September 19th through the 26th.

The auctions will be run as events on Facebook.  If you do not have a Facebook account OR would like to make a reserve bid, please email me at  Make sure you include what your bid is and what you’re  bidding on.

Here’s the link to the event on Facebook   Just A Leg Facebook Event

Please note that winners are responsible for shipping costs.

Thank you in advance for your patience – this is the first time I’ve done anything like this and I’ll do my best to make them fun and smooth running events.  If you have any questions, please email me and I’ll get back to you asap.

My next to-do item is to finish creating and publish a page that lists the auction items.  Here’s the link to the page once it’s up… August 30th Auction.  I’ll have a separate page up in the next few days for the second auction.


I had my appointment last week with the specialist in Vancouver, Dr. Kostamo, who was willing to submit paperwork to BC Medical again asking them to cover the surgery and hospital stay for my osseointegration surgery.  What an amazing man.  What an amazing submission to BC Medical.  Besides other pertinent information, he emphatically stated that this surgery is NOT experimental which was their whole rationale for denying me last time.  So fingers and toes crossed!  It usually takes 4-6 weeks to get a response so (thinking positively), there’s time to get a YES before I leave.

So there you go, you’re all caught up.  Please please, share the auction far and wide so we get an awesome turnout and lots of people have fun bidding on amazing items!



My Dream Has Me

I don’t have a dream, my dream has me.

My OI dream definitely has me.  In my head it’s already done.  I’m not in pain anymore, my socket doesn’t scratch up toilet seats (ya lol go ahead and laugh, but I just had $34.70 taken off my rental’s damage deposit because the landlord felt they had to replace the toilet seat), I don’t have to pull down on my pant leg whenever I stand up to unhook my pants from my socket, I can sit on bar stools… and on and on ad nauseam.  I can walk for as long as I want without the limitations a socket imposes on me.  Sigh, heaven.

I’m working towards having no “kinda” in my thoughts and actions. Every day I do something that moves me towards my goal.  It may be something small, or it may be something huge… but I always do something.

I accomplished something huge today.  I made a decision.

sparkleyI added a page to this site that has information on an online auction I’m running to raise the remaining funds I need for osseointegration.  That’s HUGE baby!  I can see my goal in front of my face and it’s pretty and shiney and sparkley with promise.

Can you help you ask?  YES of course you can!!  I would love your help! Check out what’s going on… Abilities Online Auction and please contact me if you have any questions, want to make a donation, or have a suggestion.

You can also subscribe to my posts to keep up with all the lovely hugeness that’s happening!

Next up is my appointment with Dr. Kostomo in Vancouver on August 11th.  He’s helping me approach BC Medical again to see if we can help them understand that no, osseointegration is not experimental.  It’s real and the best thing that can happen to a girl who just wants a leg.



New Possibilities

So much to tell you!  So many new possibilities and so much accomplished already by so many amputees.

So, the possibilities first… I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but we have a surgeon in Vancouver who is looking at travelling to Australia this year to learn Dr. Al Muderis’s osseointegration techniques. Yes you read that right!!  Last I  heard Dr. Tim will be learning the skills in Australia this year and bringing OI back to Canada.  There will still be a plethora of hoops to jump through – government approval, setting up rehab procedures and support needed for the month after surgery, amputees who want to receive the surgery… OH WAIT!  That one’s not going to be a problem lol.  I think Canadian amputees will be lining up knee deep (hahaha sorry it just slipped out) for this ground breaking, life changing, fantastic, amazing, awe-inspiring, astounding surgery.

So after I heard about Dr. Tim, I got thinking about the non-approval I received from BC Medical and how the possibility of approval might be greatly improved by an orthopaedic surgeon who believes in OI… it’s a glorified knee or hip replacement surgery after all lol.

So my awesome prosthetist Tony Van Der Waarde emailed Dr. Tim and asked if it would be possible for me to connect with him so he could fill out the BC Med forms for me and give it another go for approval…  my GP is submitting the referral today or tomorrow, then I connect with Dr. Tim and hopefully WHAM! BAM!  Kare’s got some financial assistance!! I’ll keep you updated on the progress 😉

Still on the possibilities list is my funding progress.  I’m days away from finding out how my game plan for raising the funds is progressing… my patience has been sorely tested waiting for this crucial juncture 🙂

On to accomplishments…

Lori MacInnis, who received OI last year, received notification from PEI Medical that they would be reimbursing her for the surgery.  Frikken AWESOME!!  Way to go Lori, thanks for the hard work you put in to get this done, you ROCK!

I had the privilege of meeting Kathy Wilchek and her boyfriend Frank last month as they were headed home from Australia after Kathy received the surgery a month before.  She was recently on the news spreading the OI word… KATHY AND FRANK ROCK TOO!!  (and such a cute couple lol)

Well that’s it for now… I hope you have an excellent week and I’ll be back with an update soon!


Amazing Interview Dr. al Muderis

I just received access to this recent amazing interview Dr. al Muderis had with Inside Story – Australia.  It’s brilliant and highlights what brought him to Australia, what an amazing story he has and what a fantastic surgeon he is as well as being a wonderful person.

I’m not sure if it was because of impatience or excitement, but I blubbered through the whole thing lol.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much to those of you who have stepped forward with a donation for this amazing amazing surgery.  I’m looking forward to starting the countdown for the number of sleeps left before I leave!!



Ups and Not So Ups

I hope you’re all doing fantastically and life is treating you as awesomely as it’s treating me!  It’s been an interesting month, full of ups and not so ups and lots of synchronicities.

The newest news is I’ve had to unfortunately postpone my surgery… ya I know, you just get a plan in place then BAM! you need to change it lol.  My lovely daughter has consented to play nursemaid for me and heading to Australia at the end of May just doesn’t work for her.  So it’s one more summer of uncomfortableness.  The great news is the new approximate date is October!  No schedule conflicts and we’ll have some time to play tourists and be back before Christmas (which will make my Mom very happy as we’ll be back for her 96th birthday!).

As far as funding goes, I’ll know for sure whether funding will be in place to get to Australia and pay for the surgery after May 1st, but because of the postponement I now have the time to pull the extra money needed to purchase a new knee/foot which means I’ll finally have a spare!  The first one in 30 years.  I’ve never had a spare leg before.  It’s kinda like only having one pair of shoes.  You ruin them and you’re in bare feet – in my case you’re using the backup system which is a set of crutches… not so great for getting around on when you want to go for a walk.  I’m also looking into starting a non-profit so that we can assist other amputees in receiving this life changing surgery.  So I have a plan and have received $325 so far from generous donations to give me a hand (or foot hahahaha) to make this happen.

Thank you soooo much for your support whether it’s been financial or emotional.  All kind thoughts are truly appreciated!  Please remember to share these posts so the word gets out there about OI.

Have a great day and I hope the rest of your week is magical!!