Cyborg Info

The subpages in this Cyborg Information section are intended for informational purposes only. Hopefully they will help you navigate your new world of making sure your screw isn’t loose (pun intended) and staying strong and healthy.

This information is shared from my experience only and may not reflect your personal osseointegration journey.  Everyone is different and our personalities and needs create different life experiences for each of us.

Healing is a very individual process.  Some will find it relatively pain free and others (which has been my experience) will find it on the more challenging end of the scale.  It took two months before I was pain free enough to even think about starting to exercise.  Three months before I felt mentally clear of the drugs.  My immune system has been compromised to the extent I have gotten food poisoning twice, colds twice and a couple of bouts of cold sores.  You could argue that 2016 has been a particularly bad winter for people getting nasty colds and flu, and I would agree, BUT it’s just something else to keep in mind if you’re looking at moving forward with osseointegration – make sure your immune system is in tip top shape BEFORE you move forward with the surgery.

If you have any information you feel would be helpful to add to this section, please let me know!