Just A Leg Auction Information

UPDATE August 25th:  We have enough items to run two auctions!  I’m sooo excited lol.  Not that we would turn down more donations, we would just schedule a third auction!!

The dates for the first auction are August 30, 2016 at noon pst through September 6th at 6pm pst.  The second auction will run from September 19th at noon pst through September 26th at 6pm pst.

You can also find more information on the Auction Items Page and the Facebook Event Page.

Each item will have a starting bid price listed along with pictures and a description.

Please note that winners are responsible for shipping costs.

If you would like to make a reserve bid on one or more items please email me at kare@justaleg.ca

Bidding on an item:
Use the FB comment to bid, stating how much you are willing to offer. Check often to see if you are the highest bidder
If you have been outbid then you may want to increase your bid. You can bid as often as you would like.

Bidding closure date:
On line bidding closes at 6pm Tuesday September 6th pst. If your bid was successful you will be sent a private message confirming you are the winner!

Collecting your item:
Pay for your item on September 6th after 6pm pst. Paypal, e-transfers and cash are accepted. If you are not local to retrieve your item then please prepay and arrange to have your item shipped. If we do not receive payment by September 10th at 6pm pst you will forfeit your bid and the next successful bidder will be notified.

There have been several ways funds have been raised by amputees for osseointegration surgery. Currently crowdfunding seems to be the most popular method.  I looked into crowdfunding and even started a campaign with one site, but asking for money just didn’t sit well with me so I cancelled the campaign and stepped back.  Weeks went by and I got to thinking about how I’ve assisted in raising funds for worthy projects in the past and remembered that when I was with BC Buildings Corporation, I ran the United Way Campaign one year and we created an online auction focusing on Abilities (promoting ability as opposed to promoting DIS-ability).  We called it a-bay (ebay, a-bay… get it?).  It was a HUGE success and we raised money towards a worthy cause.  I thought it would be apropos to use the term again.

The main reason I liked the idea of an online auction and decided to move forward with it, is because EVERYONE gets something out of it.  The company or individual who makes a donation is promoted, the person who wins the auction item receives something they want, and I get a little closer to my target goal.  Is that win / win or what?!


Do you, or do you know anyone who has a service or works for a company who would like to make a donation to the auction?  I want it to be easy to disperse items to the winners and also make it possible to accept donations that are viable for my US friends, so ideally items will be a gift card that can be mailed easily, or for service based donations, a letter from the person/company who offered the service I can mail to the winner could take care of delivery.  There’s no limit to the types of items that can be auctioned, airline tickets, maid services, wine tour tickets, gift certificate to a toy store, hotel or resort stays, spa gift certificates, restaurant gift certificates, kayak rentals, ski mountain pass and rentals, hair cut gift certificate, balloon rides, whale watching gift certificates, grocery certificates… it doesn’t matter where you are.  Because the auction is being promoted online, chances are someone near you will be interested… OR a special holiday trip could be planned to take advantage of the awesome auction items!

Another idea for you if you want to help out, is to go to your local chain store (Walmart, Great Canadian Superstore – or US equivalent, Home Depot…) and purchase a gift card.  Load it with the amount you would like to donate and mail it to me.  If you would like to do this, please email me and I’ll send you my mailing address.


The total amount I need for OI is $160,000… that includes the travel, surgery and a new knee and foot.  I have some of the funding – I’ll know by the end of July how well another project has done – but at this time I believe I have $60,000 left to raise.

If the auction brings in more than I need, the remaining funds can be used to spread the word about osseointegration and dare I dream… financially assist other amputees to receive the procedure.

Here’s a pdf you can download to share with potential sponsors JustALeg sponsor letter and thank you in advance!

Thanks so much for your time and if you would like to help out by donating an auction item, please get in touch with me at kare@justaleg.ca and let’s chat!