A huge shout out and thanks to the people who have shared their testimonials on how osseointegration has changed their lives.

Peggy Humber, Canada

Peggy was patient number 306, the week after mine, I was number 305.  Excellent explanation of what to expect when you have OI.  Awesome job Peggy!!


Gareth Williams, Australia

I had one of those moments today when I just stopped and thought “how good is OI”. Instead of getting a taxi to a lunchtime catch-up with friends, I walked across Sydney CBD (circular quay to town hall for those who know Sydney) without even stopping to think about it – pain free, limp free, stopping free – just absolute freedom.

Before I lost my leg BK to cancer 19 years ago today, I took walking for granted and as such, as a fit and healthy teenager decided that I would drive everywhere I could (go figure).

It wasn’t until after I lost my leg and got over the chemo and radio treatments etc that I understood the significance of being able to walk wherever and whenever I wanted to. I thought that the thing that I took for granted was gone forever and I would be in, at best discomfort and at worst outright pain for the rest of my life when walking anywhere.

2.5 years ago I had OI done and that which I thought was gone was returned to me. This really dawned on me today when I was catching up for lunch with some friends on the opposite side of the city. Instead of leaving an hour earlier than I had to and instead of catching a cab, without even thinking about it I just walked there. Then after lunch enjoyed the walk back to the office. It was only about 3.5 kms (2 mile) round trip, but in a socket that just wouldn’t have been possible for me – and if I did try I would spend the next 2 or 3 days dealing with a pressure sore or chafe or rub or just a plain old sore stump.

There are some obvious major benefits to OI like, well everything, but sometimes it’s the little things, like being able to painlessly walk to a lunchtime catch-up with friends without even thinking about it, that just pop up and make me realise what a true blessing this procedure really is.